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If you’re ready to allow the ancient wisdom of the Horse and the healing powers of the Earth into your heart, we would love for you to BE here with us, on site or online…



Brave Healing Retreat :: The Way of the Horse meets the Power of the Pen :: Nov 4th-5th

A 2 day retreat which combines whole body awareness, equine inspired coaching in both individual and group formats, with authentic journaling and writing exercises to bring you a Soulistic approach to healing and transforming you in way that inspires and supports your next Big Leaps on your journey! button (6)

loving your whole Self through Shadow Work @TheWatershedFarm.com

ShadowLumination :: shining a light on your Shadow Self :: Oct 28th

We are born freely expressing ourselves, our human nature, and the full spectrum of our emotions without editing or censoring. As we grow, we repress or hide parts of ourselves that are labeled as unacceptable or unlovable. These parts make up our Shadow Side. Our Shadows can manifest as monsters deprived of love, or they can be sources of light as we integrate all of our selves and develop compassion, understanding, and acceptance.button (6)


The Resonance Experience :: your play date with the Universe :: Oct. 29th

A playful gathering of souls – both human and horse – where curiosity leads us on a more meaningful path than expectation and imagination could ever dream! Curious? Then this is for you!button (6)


Group Meditation in the Presence of Horse :: BE Herd & BE Heard :: dates vary

We are both honored and excited to be bringing this unique meditative experience to our work. We welcome all into this circle who are interested in experiencing a deep sense of presence, oneness, and intuitive messages of healing and hope from our herd of equine guides and their inherent access to ancient wisdom. We offer a variety of experiences including Guided, Moonlit (full moon), Rise & Shine (proceeds to charity), Zen Kids,

as well as Mounted Meditations.button (6)

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Girls LEAD :: Leadership through Equine Assisted Development  :: Autumn 2017

Horses have an energetic magnetism for young girls. They inspire in them a focus and devotion often unparalleled by any other extracurricular activity or personal development program. When we harness this power of the horse, we can empower these girls in engaging, creative, and meaningful waysbutton (6)


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Intuitive Messenger Initiation :: for women seeking to discover, develop, and delight in their natural intuitive gifts :: next cohort begins Aug 29th

We invite you to step off the well worn path of logic-driven thought processes and into a deeper wisdom of instinct, intuition, emotion, sensory, and extrasensory awareness. It is here you will discover we all have this inherent Black Horse Wisdom…button (6)


Finding What You Didn’t Lose :: a treasure map to your soul :: Coming Soon!

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Wild-Hearted Women’s Circle :: for women seeking connection and personal growth {FREE, Private, Online Community} :: ongoing and always welcoming new members

This journey to your own heart’s center will open up opportunities for you that you could never imagine! You will see your own truth and learn to walk your own path and in a world that is always telling you what you should be doing or how you’re suppose to behave, here you will receive deep and enduring support for who you are what you want from your one wild and precious life.button (6)