Wildhearted Women Circle

Untitled design (1)When your wild heart is calling you, you know it. There is a restlessness, a longing, and the still small voice that whispers “Is this it?”. You know you are bigger than the life you are leading. You want more. More playfulness and whimsy. More art and creativity. More barefoot walks and deeper talks. More wildness.

You are not alone. And this is your invitation to join other women like you. An invitation to return the call of your wild heart. We will love, honor, and respect you just as you are. We already do. In fact, we need you. Your unique life experiences, your stories, your laughter and tears…that is what will make this group whole. And as you reconnect to your joy and creativity, you will automatically light the path for others to do the same.

Through weekly check-ins, activities, and exercises, we will discover new ways of seeing ourselves, bring awaareness to our own patterns of thought and behavior, learn how to access the wisdom inherent in our bodies, honor our emotions as information, develop our intuition, learn to listen to our authentic voices, support others on their journey back to their own wild heart as they support you – and do it all in a safe and sacred space.

In an effort to make this program more accessible, we have moved it to an online community format via facebook. While the group will be available to you 24/7, we will seek to gather together at the same moment in time though we sit in different spaces throughout the world. This will allow us to better connect and be present for one another, while at the same time creating the time and space in our own lives for ourselves.

This is a private circle, which means only approved members can access the group and any information it contains. Members must complete registration in order to be added. This measure is taken in order to establish and preserve the group as a sacred space.