Group Meditation in the Presence of Horse…

…for Connection, Community, Healing, and Hope


We are both honored and excited to be bringing this unique meditative experience to our work. We welcome all into this circle who are interested in experiencing a deep sense of presence, oneness, and intuitive messages of healing and hope from our herd of equine guides and their inherent access to ancient wisdom.

You must register to attend, and all necessary paperwork can be completed online so that when you arrive here at the farm, you can enter into this sacred space with nothing to do, and simply BE. You are welcome to arrive 5-10 minutes early and take a moment to allow the healing energies of the earth to surround you on this picturesque farm.

After a quick briefing and safety tutorial, the group will be seated in a circle within the typorama (4)paddock area as the horses meander about at liberty. Depending on the experience you select, you may be guided through a meditation, or allow the songs of the space to speak to you at which time the horses will chose to participate with the group. Many times the horses will move between participants, touching them gently or standing over them to hold space for healing. During the meditation a facilitator will be observing interactions which can then be shared in the debriefing following the meditation. This allows you to focus your awareness on your self and what is happening within your body, knowing that you are not missing anything that is happening outside of you.

typorama (5)Facilitators will then guide the group through a debriefing where we can each share and process the experience together. This is your opportunity to Be Herd & Be Heard – to become a part of the herd and experience the energy of oneness and connection, and to be heard, listened to and supported as you share what your experience meant to you.

**Cancellation Policy: If you cancel within 24 hours of the event, your payment can be used as credit on an upcoming event if used within 90 days.  Due to the more limited space available for Moonlight Meditations you must cancel no less than 3 days prior to the event to receive credit toward a future event within 90 days. This allows us time to contact those on the waitlist to step into your space. Thank you for your understanding as we work to provide all guests with an intimate and meaningful experience.**