Intuitive Messenger Initiation


~Six Gatherings to Develop Your Sixth Sense~
We invite you to step off the well worn path of logic-driven thought processes and into a deeper wisdom of instinct, intuition, emotion, sensory, and extrasensory awareness…6 horse herd

Discover, Develop, & Delight in Your Natural Gifts

Join fellow empaths in this interactive, online course which not only provides you with the knowledge to better access alternative fields of wisdom, but also prepares you energetically to continue to develop your gifts through a sustainable, healthy, and holistic practice which feeds and nourishes your energetic being, rather than drain or deplete it.


  • A weekly, 60 min. live call on ZOOM, always recorded to provide all those enrolled with lifetime access 
  • A weekly challenge around the focus for that week in your inbox
  • Pairing with fellow empaths to encourage interaction and increase practical skills in a fun and engaging way
  • A private Facebook group to share questions, engage in discussion, exchange inspiration, and celebrate success
  • A private meditation group through Insight Timer to support students in their daily practice

***Registration for the summer session of IMI has closed. To receive discounts on the next offering and other bonus gifts, please join our waitlist below…***

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Black horse wisdom challenges people to step off the well-worn paths of civilized thought. It is wisdom shrouded in mystery, wisdom that’s felt more deeply than it can ever be explained, wisdom we often ignore unfortunately, until some difficulty in life opens us up to other possibilities. This universal archetype champions knowledge rejected by the mainstream: instinct, emotion, intuition, sensory and extrasensory awareness, and the human-animal partnership associated with tribal cultures. Science may never be able to dissect this wisdom, to bring it into the light of conscious understanding, but through the metaphor of the horse, and through real-life interactions with these animals, we can learn to track these mysteries, maybe even ride them if we develop the right balance of trust, discernment, skill, abandon, and power.” -Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse


  • Unwavering support for developing your natural gifts
  • A deep understanding and appreciation for your own intuition, and the gifts of others
  • Tools and practices for bringing your gifts into the light, and allowing them to serve your greatest good
  • Connection to others who are actively practicing and developing their own unique gifts alongside you, which broadens and enriches the experience for all
  • Lifetime access to course materials, including video & audio recordings of each class call


(subject to change and open to hearing what you’d like to learn in our next offering of this course)

WEEK ONE: Fields & Clairs, Building Trust in Yourself and Your Gifts

WEEK TWO: Energetic Preparation & Protection, Getting to Know How Your Energy Works With/For You

WEEK THREE: Accessing Yes/No Information (will cover range of ways we can determine best answer for yes/no Qs and when not to ask this type of Q)

WEEK FOUR: [No Group Class], Catch Up Week, Individual Coaching Opportunities

WEEK FIVE: Reading a Rose (general intuitive energy reading for all beings)

WEEK SIX: Gauges & Screens (used for making personal decisions that align with your true Self, aura readings of self and others, havingness scales, and more)

WEEK SEVEN: Oracle Cards (how to frame your Qs, do readings for self and others, creating your own personal deck, and more! Deck ownership NOT required)