**ShadowLumination Workshop**

:: ShadowLumination ::

~shining a light on our Shadow Selves~

If you are wanting to step into the infinite possibilities of your higher self, you can’t get there dragging a chest full of hidden emotions, experiences, and expressions behind you.
You must first (en)lighten your load.

shining a light on the shadow self

We are born freely expressing ourselves, our human nature, and the full spectrum of our emotions without editing or censoring. As we grow, we repress or hide parts of ourselves that are labeled as unacceptable or unlovable. These parts make up our Shadow Side.

Bringing this Shadow Side to light in a gentle and compassionate way can lead us to consciously integrate ALL of ourselves, and become more accepting of ourselves and others as whole individuals made up of both dark and light, positive and negative.

the gift of the shadow @TheWatershedFarm.comThe cost of not bringing our Shadow Side to the light is that we deny ourselves the full expression and understanding of who we truly are. Further, this denial influences the way we show up in the world and in our relationships with those we love most at a subconscious level, often creating undesireable patterns in our lives.

You will be supported by grounded, heart-centered facilitators and the non-judgemental presence of the Horses while being offered a safe space to explore the wholeness of your truth and gently and compassionately lead to a conscious integration of both your shadow and your light.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with an entirely new perspective on your whole Self, *and* continued support in illuminating your Self through the darker months of winter.

Additionally, you will be offered the option to receive individual and group coaching through our online program in the darker months of winter following the workshop to further support your journey in exploring your Shadow Side. All of this culminates in your spring rebirth as we celebrate the wholeness of you in love & light on the Spring Equinox 2018.♥️

(you can also just sign up for baby steps along the way if this all feels too big at the moment. follow what feels right for you.)

Have questions or want to make sure you find the right program for your needs? Schedule a Discovery Call with me and I’ll provide As to all your Qs.

loving your whole Self through Shadow Work @TheWatershedFarm.com

Saturday October 28th :: 9a-4p

The Watershed Farm :: 401 Bandy Rd :: Ringgold GA, USA

(located just 15min south of Chattanooga, TN tucked into the beautiful Blue Ridge)

Register for The Resonance Experience the following day (Oct 29th) and save 10% on your registration fee. Check out the fb event while I work on building the page