Affirming Your Soul

My False Self voice seems to be working overtime these days. I’ve been having to put more energy than what is typical for me into returning my thoughts into alignment with my Soul. The quickest and most effective way that I have been returning to alignment is through creating, reciting, and embodying personal affirmations. When my ego wants to convince me I am incapable and unworthy of what I desire, these affirmations allow my soul to speak to who I truly am – capable, brave, and worthy of all miracles.

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are words or phrases repeated intentionally which help you focus your mind in order to generate a specific feeling or vibration in your body. You may already be doing this in an unconscious way by allowing negative thoughts to continue on a mental tape loop which create constricting feelings and emotions in your body. By bringing awareness and intention to the repeating thoughts in your mind, you reclaim your power to generate positive, expansive feelings and emotions in your body.

Creating Your Personal Affirmations

When creating your personal affirmations, remember the 3P’s; Positive, Present, and Palpable. These are key to creating the most effective affirmations to access the innermost wisdom of your soul

  • Positive: always create from a place of abundance, not from lacking or scarcity
    • YES: “I have excess money to save and share”
    • NO: “I no longer have debt”
  • Present: always speak in the present tense as if it were already true
    • YES: “I have time for everything that is important to me each day”
    • NO: “I will have enough time once I finish school”
  • Palpable: focus on the feeling generated in your body as if it were already true
    • Notice how your body changes the longer you focus and embody the words you are speaking

Check out these 31 Affirmations for Brave Living for some inpiration!

Not sure what theme is most important to align yourself with in this moment? Getting clear on what matters most to you, and aligning your affirmations with your Core Values will not only make them more meaningful to you, but more powerful as you embody the feeling they create. You can download my {FREE} Creating a Life in Alignment Workbook to find clarity on your Core Values and begin to align your thoughts, and actions with these Values.

I’d love to hear what you’re focusing on today and how that’s manifesting meaningful change, personal growth, or healing in your life. Comment below or drop me a quick note at .

With love and support for you on your journey,

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My name is Melissa Bennett. Whether on site or online, I inspire & support women just like YOU to move through fear and reclaim the lost parts of themselves in order to live a life of confidence, courage, & creative expression. I too have journeyed the path of self-reclamation and continue to do so every day. It is my greatest gift and honor to guide you on your path to the most sacred of all places - your own wild heart. To discover how we can work together to bring you back to your self, connect with me on my site at

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