Be Herd

For a one-time membership fee of $7 (yes, SEVEN dollars) you can become One with the herd. Through both online and on site offerings, we will explore and discover new ways of BEing with horses {and all of Nature}.  

As an integral part of this wisdom herd, you will receive:

  • 20% OFF all " the Presence of Horse" events
  • Belonging in a community of like-hearted beings (private Facebook community)
  • Exclusive access to educational and interactive broadcasts
  • Exclusive invites to events held at The Watershed Farm
  • Additional discounts available for workshops and retreats

For thousands of years, the invisible forces of charisma, bravery, poise, focus, endurance, and conviction have been most reliably bolstered by a silent, non-predatory tutor. Recognizing the horse’s multi-cultural importance, not just as a beast of burden, or even a companion of kings, but as a teacher of kings, conquerors, heroes, and pioneers, is an essential first step in wrestling this wisdom from obscurity and purposefully exercising it in the future.

The horse stands at the place where all trails come together, and a new moon shines upon us. To retrace the steps of sorrow and injustice, courage, compassion and innovation—elevated by a being that has been used for both conquest and freedom—is to know the dark and light of power.

To become a student of the horse—rather than a calculating, disconnected master—is to master our own predatory tendencies, reclaiming our original calling to move beyond instinct in partnership with nature, tapping our potential to become visionary leaders capable of rallying the endlessly evolving, fully conscious forces of a truly empowered herd.

~Linda Kohanov in The Power of the Herd; A Non-Predatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation

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