BE…in the Presence of Horse

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About "in the Presence of Horse" events 

I invite you to explore and discover a new way of BEing with horses and step into the field of energy that connects you to the ancient wisdom of Horse, and connects you to your own inherent inner wisdom.

Throughout time, our relationship with the horse has allowed for the expansion of civilizations and nations. They have expanded our hearts as we took them in as competition and companion animals. They expanded our perspectives as we sought to see from their point of view, how we could best care for them as they fulfilled their role in our lives.

What I want to offer you here, is that our relationship with the horse, also holds exciting potential for expanding the human consciousness. And even that your relationship with the horse, though it may not yet exist, has the potential to change everything for you.

When we acknowledge the horse as a sentient being, we now open ourselves up to the possibilities of stepping into a relationship with them that is mutually beneficial. This relationship can offer you powerful guidance on your path to personal growth and authenticity. With their acute sensitivity to energy, their non-judgmental presence, their heart-centered awareness, and their divine connection to the rhythms and cycles of nature – they create a space for us to explore our truth and to experience the freedom that come with living from the heart.

If you are open to discovering innovative ways of being, I would love to show you how the horse, and even how the spirit of Horse (which is imbued in all the work I offer), can bring you meaningful change and be a catalyst for you to live a heart-based life of courage, confidence, and creative expression.