Journey with Horse Half-Day Workshop

Journey with Horse

April 21st (Earth Day eve) 9a-1p
Rain Date: April 28th (eve of Full Moon)

The Ancient Wisdom of the Horse and the Healing Powers of the Earth are alive here at

The Watershed Farm…

…Come BE with us.

On the eve of Earth Day, this experience will guide you through grounding yourself in the healing energies of the Earth and connect you to the ancient wisdom of the Horse. Through both guided meditation and drumming, you will travel to find your Spirit Guides where you will ask them:

What is my original medicine?

Original Medicine is a concept from indigenous cultures, which teaches that we each are born with a totally singular nature characterized by our natural unique gifts, talents and attributes. In her book Transformational Speaking, Gail Larsen writes:

No one is more special than another, but each unique expression is essential and irreplaceable. In a society that more often encourages us to fit in rather than to stand out, the process of excavating and revealing our originality is an essential step to fully experiencing and expressing our true gifts. Knowing and accepting your medicine is core to expressing your personal power, strength and understanding.

Join me in this sacred space of possibility as I, along with my wise herd of equine partners, and the healing energies of this beautiful land, guide you to discovering and shining a light on your gifts, your potential, your beautiful, wild, true essence.

What you’ll come away with from this experience…

  • A clearer understanding and connection to your soul gifts and purpose
  • Energetic healing through both Earth energy and the potent energetic field of the horse
  • A personal talisman that you can take home with you to serve as a reminder of this experience
  • A deeper sense of peacefulness and calm that swells through your entire being, and also
  • (re)Igniting the soul fire and and (re)Claiming the spark you may have lost along the way

Registration Required. Cost is $167. 

Register before April 8th for $147

 What this experience looks like:

  • Opening to bring us into the present moment
  • Grounding meditation to connect us to the land
  • Opportunity to meet the herd, at liberty in a very open and organic way
  • Short break to integrate the information received and discover a personal talisman
  • Drumming Journey to discover your Original Medicine
  • Opportunity to engage in a Creative Process/Art to capture the essence of your Journey
  • Gathering to share and debrief our individual experiences
  • Ceremony to close out the space and carry the experience with you in your heart


What this experience may feel like…

…Melissa not only brought the peace my soul was looking for with her soft voice and beautifully artistic meditation, but her spirit guided me along with ease, letting me truly let go of the negative blockers that were holding me back. And then!! Guided me to the tools needed to fill the void as well. I cannot begin to say thank you enough for fulfilling this very important role on my journey to find me and my happiness and acceptance of self. Thank you so much, Melissa! You truly are a blessing!

~Krystal, Chattanooga TN

I’ve always been in tune with what I need to read or watch or do. But I reached a point where I really needed to take a big leap forward and make a big change. Meeting Melissa was part of the grander blessings that were to come. I knew that my creative spirit would be safe in her hands and in the beautiful platform she’s created.

– Anne, Hollywood CA



An exceptional journey in self-discovery and connection given to you as a gift by a horse in the only way they know how -Monique, Chattanooga TN


Adding horses (and goats!) to meditation, out in a field – was beautiful! The most meaningful meditation I’ve ever experienced!

-meditation participant, Ringgold GA

Registration Required. Cost is $167.

Register before April 8th for $147


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