**Brave Healing Retreat**

Brave Healing Retreat

~two days to embodied healing through the Way of the Horse & the Power of the Pen

(c) TheWatershedFarm.com Brave Healing Retreat 2017

What if there are things you haven’t learned yet, that could change EVERYTHING?
What if there was an approach to healing that offered you not relief, but profound and lasting transformation?

meet your sherpas <3

This retreat merges two of the most profound healing practices to bring you a deeper integration of body, mind and spirit which will lead you to fully embodied healing, and a fully embodied wholeness.

Here in this sacred space of possibility, through soulful interactions with the horses, authentic writing practices, small group discussions, individual and group coaching and processing, we will gently and lovingly guide you to the seeds of your greatest gifts – those which are born from the wisdom behind your wounds.

We have all experienced, and carry with us in our bodies, some form of wounding. It doesn’t have to feel big, traumatic, deep, or aching. It can, and that’s ok. Trauma lodged in our bodies can come from any emotion, experience, or event that we simply could not fully process in real time. There are no judgements around what qualifies as being worthy of healing. You, as a whole being, are worthy of healing.

Horses serve as powerful guides on the path to personal growth and authentic healing. Their acute sensitivity to energy, their non-judgemental presence, and their heart-centered awareness offers us space to explore our truth. In their presence, and with loving guidance, you are able to connect with your soul’s wisdom with ease. When these experiences are paired with body awareness exercises and your very own soul-fueled words pouring out onto the page…true, lasting, embodied, healing happens. We are here to love and guide you through this transformative process.

You don’t have to be a writer to experience the benefits of this retreat. You don’t have to have ever written, journaled, been around a horse, or know anything about writing, or horses, or healing. You only need to show up, in all of your human-ness.
Whether you long for healing from physical ailments, emotional wounds, or even financial upheaval, healing awaits you.

It awaits you here in the beautiful blue ridge of NW Georgia. It awaits you here on the hollowed ground of this picturesque and peaceful horse farm tucked gently into the rolling hills and verdant meadows. Healing awaits you in this sacred space of possibility and most of all healing awaits you in your heart. Your heart is calling for healing. Your soul is calling for freedom.

You will be challenged.
You will be asked to dig deep and dive in.
You will be asked to show up for yourself in a new way.

And right now you are only one brave moment away from being who you were always meant to be.

If there’s something inside of you right now saying YES, whether it is a faint whisper or a thundering call – this is your moment. This is your opportunity to answer that call, and allow everything that is wanting to happen for you to fall beautifully into place. And I promise you if this is resonating with you right now, that’s exactly what will happen.

November 4th & 5th :: 9a-4p (4th) & 10a-3p (5th)

The Watershed Farm :: 401 Bandy Road :: Ringgold GA, USA

Registration includes: a light breakfast & healthy nourishing lunch both days, snacks & beverages throughout each day, all materials and supplies including journals and ceremonial gifts to take home with you. All participants will have the option to be added to a private facebook group where we can continue to support one another through our individual process of expansion.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, you probably stopped reading some time ago. And that’s ok. We are calling forth all those who are ready and who know they need to be here, for themselves and for each other. For this group that gathers together will be forever linked and forever supported. What an honor to be a part of that. Thank you.❤

If you have any questions or you’re not sure if this is your next right step, click on over to set up a Discovery Call so I can answer any questions you have.


Logistical details will be posted soon, including discounted accommodations (including B&Bs, hotels, and campgrounds), travel info, what to bring (mostly just an open heart), and other details. Interested in camping right here on the farm? Let us know in the form above or by emailing me: melissa@thewatershedfarm.com.

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