Weekend Of Oneness {Camp WOO}

Reconnect with the joy and playfulness found in some of childhood’s best camp memories but with a grown up twist! Camp WOO exists to bring together a community of curious humans and create a space that allows them to connect more deeply with one another, themselves, and the interconnected web of existence of which we are all a part.

Friday September 13th - 15th

In the final weekend of Summer, under the Full Harvest Moon, and among a community of like-hearted humans, you will experience an immersive and collective sense of Oneness.

Camp Philosophy

We are here to play. We are here to have fun, explore, connect, share, and grow. We believe this happens best in a diverse, open, and engaged community. While campers are welcome to take downtime as needed, free time is built into our daily schedule and we encourage you to participate as fully as you’re able in group activities.

Camp Activities

Through both small group experiences and individual recharging sessions, we invite you to explore ideas and practices that typically exist on the margins of our culture. You can view the current session schedule here. The types of activities we include are things such as:

  • Energy Healing
  • Plant Medicine
  • Crystals & Stones
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Forest Bathing
  • HeartMath
  • and more…

We also invite you to experience some of the most quintessential summer camp activities. Be sure to bring your inner child and let them loose to joyfully experience…

  • Swimming
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Campfire Skits & Stories
  • Hiking
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Field Games & Team Building
  • Horses & Animal Encounters
  • and more…

Ask Us Anything

We have As to all your Qs. If you don’t see it listed here, shoot us an email and we’ll get on it!

When is your next camp?

We’re currently registering campers for Friday September 13th – Sunday September 15th. You can register here, but not before you read and consent to our camp policies here{registration always opens first to members of our free private community on Facebook. You are invited to join us here}

What will we be doing at camp?

Activities will vary from session to session. To view a general schedule of the current camp session, go here.

Do I need to pack in meals?

Just one. Part of creating a culture of community at camp is shared meals. Our first evening meal will be a potluck dinner. We provide a main dish and dessert, campers each bring one side to share. While not required, we encourage you to bring a story that’s tied to your dish. This may be something from your heritage, a family tradition, or a favorite vacation spot.

You can view a sample menu here. All options are vegetarian. If you have specific dietary needs please contact us before registering to work out dietary accommodations.  You are welcome to pack non-perishable snacks. Please bring a refillable water bottle.

What are the sleeping accommodations?

We will have one large bell tent (20′ circular, high-ceiling tent) for shared accommodations. Individuals or partners are also welcome to bring their own tents for more privacy. If you’d like to have a private tent but don’t own one let us know and we’ll have one set up for you.

I have NO experience with these activities…but I’m curious. Is this the camp for me?

Absolutely! Curious humans are our favorite kind of human! In fact, we remind everyone, even those well versed in all things woo (especially those) to remain in a space of curiosity throughout your time at camp. There’s always so much more to learn and we can ALL do that joyfully by sharing kindly and generously.

Can I keep my phone with me? Even just for pictures?

We want you to experience everything through present moment awareness AND we want you to have photos to reflect back on. You may bring your phones to access in case of an emergency in the designated tech zone, and to snap photos. Otherwise, please keep phones off and tucked away as much as possible. Additionally, we’ll have a professional photographer on site to capture memories, which we’ll share with all our campers.

Can I bring beer or wine to share? 

Nope. We appreciate your offer to share though 😉

What if someone at home needs to reach me?

We will have a single emergency contact number which will be reachable 24 hours a day throughout the duration of camp. This is an emergency only contact. You are able to make and receive calls in our designated “tech zone” and we ask that you reserve this for emergencies only. Please make care arrangements for family and pets before you leave so that you can enjoy your time here with both presence and peace of mind. 

 Can I arrive late or leave early?

You may. We do not offer discounts for partial attendance. Once you leave camp you may not return for that session. Please make arrangements with staff for late arrivals so we can ensure you’re arrival isn’t disrupting a focused session.

What if it rains?

Camp goes on, rain or shine! Most activities will continue in light to moderate rain, so be sure to pack accordingly. Other activities can be moved into the barn or large tent. No refunds are offered if you choose to leave early or not attend because of rain. You can read more about our refund policy here.

Can I bring my own group of friends or work team?

Yes! If you’d like to create a custom retreat for your small group, or team building retreat for your team, contact us here to begin the process.

Receive notifications of new opportunities, events, and free gifts by joining us in community here. Thank you for being.

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