Wild Hearted Women’s Circle

Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.

you belong.

“We feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find home, a place where we belong and maybe the only place we really do.”

~Maya Angelou

Belonging, in it's most sacred form, is not something that happens outside of ourselves. Belonging doesn't happen when you find the right community to fit into. Belonging happens when you remember your way back home to yourself. 

This community of Wild Hearted Women is here to both inspire that belonging and to celebrate it.

Join a community you can belong to
because through it you learn to belong to yourself.

When you become a valued member, you receive...

Actionable Inspiration

We don't just talk about how to (re)claim our true selves, I give you practical steps you can take each week to move you closer towards that (re)claiming, closer to finding what you didn't lose.  You'll notice a change in your Self after just the 1st month!

Consistency & Accountability

A dependable schedule of live gatherings, insightful exercises and activities, engaging discussions, and creative processes offer you a clear path to discovering your gifts, identifying hidden blocks, and taking action on a plan to move through and beyond them. Both the group and myself offer loving, supportive accountability for you to take inspired action on creating the life you desire and deserve to be living!

Convenient Community & meaningful Connection 

Weekly gatherings via Zoom means you can meet with your group anywhere internet is available. No finding child care, no commute, and no prep required. You'll be welcomed and loved whether you show up in your pajamas or pants suit.  The container and framework for our gatherings allows us to cultivate and maintain deep connections to each member of the Circle. 

Personalized Care when you need it, how you need it

Circle members are held extremely close to my heart. While there is great benefit to group processing, you may feel a need to reach out and discuss some things privately with me. All members have direct access to me for private one-on-one sessions when needed. As an experienced coach and spiritual guide, I lead from the heart and commit to showing up for you with fierce love and honesty so that we may connect and work from a meaningful place. I hold space in my heart for the unfolding of you, as I hold space in my calendar to ensure you receive an elevated level of support, coaching, and accountability.

When you join my Tribe, you'll be connected to other women on a similar path of returning the call of their Wild Hearts. This facebook community is full of the most loving, authentic, and wild women I have ever had the pleasure of calling Friend ❤


Being a part of Wild Hearted Women's Circle is beyond a blessing! Melissa is an amazing facilitator genuinely caring about each individual and creating a sacred place to share and grow. Receiving a personalized box is so exciting and always filled with beautiful treats and treasures to help me along my journey. Knowing other members of circle are gifted a similar box is such a fun and magical way to connect across continents! Being a part of this circle is unlike anything else I have ever experienced and has been a large catalyst in moving me forward in my spiritual journey! 

Lindsey Drury Birth Advocate & Educator @Birthandmom.com

   Connected to Spirit, Rooted in Nature, 

Designed for Your Unique Human Experience

I've brought together the: 

  • Sacred Container of a women's circle
  • Action and Accountability of group coaching
  • Personalized Care and Support of private coaching

to create the most unique offering that fully supports
you in Mind, Body, and Soul


Finding a group of women willing to share their inner selves, in a shared spiritual journey, is a prayer answered. I am grateful for the creative support that Melissa gives to each of us. And I look forward to the continuing inspiration of this Wild Hearted Circle.

Cathy Ray - Instructor & Coach @MoreThanARide.com

Do you ever feel like you've lost touch with a part of yourself?
This is the space where you will reclaim all of it. All of you.

Maybe this happened during your journey through motherhood, divorce (or the unhealthy marriage that led to it), a moment of trauma, or an accumulation of years of it. Often it's can't be traced back to a single cause, but to a lifetime of societal pressures to be something else. Anything other than your wild and true and most powerful self. 

By tending to your entire being (Roots, Shoots, & Fruits (which you'll learn more about inside Circle), connecting to your Higher Power (Spirit/Source/God), and expanding out from the most sacred of all places (your own Wild Heart) - I can help guide you back to the Becoming of You. Back to your wild, precious, and true nature. 

Back to Belonging.

Be Longing. Be the longing. Listen to that call of longing for a different way. Listen to that call of longing for what you feel like you've lost. That longing is the call of your heart. Your Wild Heart is calling you home, calling you back home to yourself.

This Circle offers you the opportunity to select the investment that will provide you with the best experience. Perhaps you would benefit from receiving more consistent one-on-one time in addition to the shared group space. Perhaps receiving Sacred Self-Care Kits and Rituals of Reclamation Bundles will give you the comprehensive support you desire at this time.

What's important is that you select the offering that feels right for you and makes the most of your investment in yourself. Because above all else, that is what this membership is.

It is an investment in the discovery and recovery of your Self.


I knew that my creative spirit would be safe in Melissa's hands and in the beautiful platform she’s created in the Wild Hearted Women’s Circle. What I never could have guessed was the depth and the abundance of what I’ve received by participating in this incredible membership. Being engaged in my WHWC membership has not only meant having the critical support I’ve needed to manifest my desires and intentions, but it’s been an incredible sisterhood of joyful activities and connections. It’s more than a Facebook group, and a gathering of strong like-minded souls. It’s a journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend the experience of this Circle to any woman who is ready to rise in her wild heart and be fully all she is meant to be.

Anne Eston -Author, & Writing Coach @WriterAnne.net


  • Weekly group gatherings via Zoom
  • Accompanying downloads for each gathering which compile to create your own personal workbook
  • heart
    Recordings of all gatherings are safely archived with lifetime access
  • heart
    One-on-One phone calls as needed to support you through any challenges as they arise (scheduled as available in 20min blocks)
  • heart
    Bonus livestreams offer brief overview of previous gathering + focused reminder of your weekly goal/intention
  • heart
    Midweek check-ins invite you to re-connect and share as well as keep your intentions top of mind
  • heart
    Texted Love Notes are sprinkled throughout the month to uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your day
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    Discounts on all other online programs and on site events offered through The Watershed Farm


  • Everything that's included at the $97 level PLUS:
  • 60 min One-On-One session each month
  • heart
    FREE & Discounted access to all other online programs and on site events offered through The Watershed Farm


  • Everything that's included at the $97 level PLUS:
  •  (2) 45 min One-On-One sessions each month
  • heart
    FREE access to all courses and at-home workshops in my Coaching Cloud Learning Library
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    Personalized Kits for sacred self-care and rituals of reclamation sent to you  in the mail at each Solstice & Equinox

This is your invitation. This is your opportunity.

There's something resonating within you right now, or you wouldn't still be here with me. I want you to take a moment right now and connect to that. Feel in your body where that pull is coming from. That tug at your heart, churn in your belly, quickening of breath - that is that part of you that you think you've lost, calling you home. You didn't lose it. It's still there and it's ready to be reclaimed. 

Please don't spend another moment ignoring that call. You've been doing that for years. It won't go away, and that's a good thing. This wild part of you is resilient, strong, spirited, and determined. It is everything you want to be but think you aren't, or can't. It is there waiting for you to say:

The risk you take by denying that call is far greater than the risk you take by answering it. It may not feel that way because denying it is at least familiar. And there's comfort in familiarity. But there is no growth and no expansion inside that small space of comfort. There is a missed connection to Self and missed opportunities for friendship, community, and at last ceaseless belonging.

Risking Your Heart is Enough

You are on a sacred journey of self-discovery and self-recovery. I understand what you're risking in order to follow that path and return the call of your wild heart. I want you to know this is a safe space for you to do that. I also know it can still feel risky to put yourself out there like this. To open up to others and share your most closely held stories. I want you to know that what you're doing is enough. I don't want you to feel you're also risking the loss of valuable resources such as time and money. If for any reason you find this Circle is not offering you the support you need, you can cancel your membership at any time and we will continue to hold you close to our hearts with nothing but love, honor, and respect for you as you find and follow the path that is your true heart's calling.



your soul sherpa for the journey

To the Sherpa, all Himalayan peaks are sacred, so each tour they guide holds a unique ethical and spiritual meaning. Your journey back to your wild and true Self is no different. It is sacred. It is hallowed. And it is my honor to be serving you as a guide on that journey.

Hello my dear friend! My name is Melissa Bennett and I have followed my own path of Rebirth and Reclamation of Self. I understand the fear and doubt that thrives in the space you may be living in and I understand the peaks and valleys that must be traversed as you journey out of that space and back to where you belong. 

I spent most of my late teens and early twenties running from my Self, burying truths, and being absolutely terrified of anyone finding out my heart-felt desires. I lived in shame that manifested in a string of unhealthy choices, always spiraling downward and always making sure no one knew. I was my own dirty little secret.

And then I became a mother. Oh the joy! Every cell in my body awoke to it's one true purpose in this life. Finally a kindred spirit who I loved beyond reason and who in return loved me without question or condition. It was the first time since childhood I remember living so fully and without shame. And so I devoted my Self to that role. I was a Mother. It was the most beautiful distraction I'd ever experienced.

Outside of the role however. I was nothing. Nothing.  I stopped doing all the things that mattered. I traded in my art for finger paints, my writing for facebook updates, my solitude for playdates, my mental health for that coveted crown of motherly martyrdom.

My world grew smaller and smaller and I shrank to fit it. I was anxious and afraid and couldn't leave the house without my child on my hip. I was nothing without him and soon my mental health collapsed and along with it my marriage, my friendships, and my entire world. Something I remember most about that time was the floor. I spent so much time on the floor.

Rebirth, Redemption, and Reclamation is always possible though. I'm now a mother of two boys, a beloved wife, a successful coach and facilitator, friend to so many amazing humans, and above all else - I am ME - a creative and unique expression of Source energy itself, a divine and powerful child of God, a beautiful and sacred soul here to experience as much as I can in this brief and brilliant flash of a human lifetime. I am here in this precise time and place with you to connect and love and guide and inspire you to see that you are all these things too.

We are in this together and that is the most beautiful part of this entire story. 

This is a small group experience

To ensure all members receive the best experience, and to create the most sacred container of safety, fellowship, and support, this Circle is limited to a small number of participants. Right now though, there is a space waiting just for you. There is a space where you can experience all the joy, expansion, fulfillment and sense of purpose that comes with returning home to your Self.

It's now up to you to say yes to taking that first small step

on your journey back home to you...

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