Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching

Personal growth and development through the way of the horse can be the transformational tool you’ve been looking for to

light your true path,

spark your creativity, and

deepen your relationships with self and others.

Check out our FAQs here, and if you have further questions about this work or how it could help you or someone you love thrive in this life, let us know here!


Why Horses?

Horses serve as powerful guides on our personal path of growth and discovery.  Their acute sensitivity to energy and their desire for congruency in those around them means that they reflect back to us, moment by moment, our own state of being. They will reflect both those moments when we disconnect from ourself, but also when we come into alignment with our true self. Their deep, non-judgemental presence offers us space to explore our own truth, and their heart-centered awareness invites us too to experience the clarity, openness and sense of freedom that come with living authentically from our heart.

Who benefits from this work?

Whether you are interested in private sessions, small group sessions or workshops, we invite you to join us as we create sacred space for you to expand your awareness, discover your unique gifts, and experience the freedom of a heart-centered, authentic life.  EFLC sessions are ideal for:

  • In Conjunction with other Therapies
  • Transitioning Out of Therapy
  • Personal Growth
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Expanding Self Awareness
  • Developing Intuitive Skills
  • Advancing Leadership Skills
  • Re-energizing Creativity
  • Team Building/Family Sessions
  • Women’s Groups
  • Teens & Pre-Teens
  • Life Transitions
  • Promoting Relationship Skills

I am currently looking for families interested in taking part in a half day workshop that is similar to traditional team building sessions, but with the focus on family dynamics. There are many, many ways to define a family. I’m not going to tell you what qualifies as family. What I am going to do is offer this experience at HALF the cost in order to contribute to the wellbeing of the most important team you’ll ever be a part of.❤

It’s important to note that these sessions are not designed to fix anyone. No one needs fixing. Ever. What these sessions do offer however, is insight into how we show up as individuals, how that contributes to the wellbeing of the team or family, and what we can do together to support both ourselves and one another in living our best lives and thriving as a cohesive herd.  [captainform id=”850850″]