{Ritual Recipe} an Evening Practice to Reflect & Reframe

these evening journal prompts will guide you toward a night of restful sleep so you can make tomorrow (even) better!

evening journal prompts and evening ritual to guide you toward peaceful sleep and a new day. TheWatershedFarm.com

The ritual outlined here offers evening journal prompts to help you reflect on your day, and reframe any "negative" experiences into more positives ones. This ritual supports you in creating a better tomorrow!

Download this Evening Reflections ritual now:
(includes both printable journal page and bookmarks)

I’ve been working on cultivating a growth mindset with my oldest child in part to prepare him mentally for the transition into a new school year. As I do, I’m noticing that the lessons intended for a child’s mind are absolutely relevant and helpful in maintaining my own growth mindset. Having evening journal prompts, whether we write them out or use them to spark conversation, has resulted in some very meaningful moments for and between both of us!

We’ve been moving through the Big Life Journal Growth Mindset activities which have been insightful conversation starters, engaging games, and I’ve even found them inspiring for my own mindset challenges.

It was through these moments of engaging with my child that I was inspired to develop a tool for myself. I wanted something I could incorporate into my evening ritual that would help ease my mind on the most difficult days and anchor me in gratitude no matter how I felt at the end of the day. I knew I needed to design something for even the most exhausted version of myself to create a space of peace and comfort, not overwhelm.

This series of evening journal prompts and questions will guide you back to gratitude and help you view challenges for what they are – invitations into expansion.

I’ve been using this tool as part of my evening ritual, and while I don’t always write out each response, I do find it helpful to do that on the more difficult days. This provides me with additional “evidence” in the future that I am strong, always learning and expanding, and grounding myself in gratitude for a peaceful transition to sleep. These are things we all crave at the end of a full day.

Give this practice in reframing a try this week and let me know how it helps shift your perspective, and maybe even bring you a more peaceful night’s sleep.

You may also enjoy learning about my Morning Practice which helps me to Reconnect and Reset for a day full of inspired action. This simple ritual is something anyone can find time for – even if all you have is 30 seconds!

Download both the Journal Page, and Bookmark versions of this Evening Reflections ritual here:

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