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If you’re ready to allow the ancient wisdom of the Horse and the healing powers of the Earth into your heart, we would love for you to BE here with us, on site or online…


loving your whole Self through Shadow Work @TheWatershedFarm.com

ShadowLumination :: shining a light on your Shadow Self :: Oct 28th

We are born freely expressing ourselves, our human nature, and the full spectrum of our emotions without editing or censoring. As we grow, we repress or hide parts of ourselves that are labeled as unacceptable or unlovable. These parts make up our Shadow Side. Our Shadows can manifest as monsters deprived of love, or they can be sources of light as we integrate all of our selves and develop compassion, understanding, and acceptance.button (6)


The Resonance Experience :: your play date with the Universe :: Oct. 29th

A playful gathering of souls – both human and horse – where curiosity leads us on a more meaningful path than expectation and imagination could ever dream! Curious? Then this is for you!button (6)


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Intuitive Messenger Initiation :: for women seeking to discover, develop, and delight in their natural intuitive gifts 

We invite you to step off the well worn path of logic-driven thought processes and into a deeper wisdom of instinct, intuition, emotion, sensory, and extrasensory awareness. It is here you will discover we all have this inherent Black Horse Wisdom…button (6)


Brave Living for the Creative Introvert :: fall in love with your fears and live with courage, confidence, and creative expression  :: Launching March 2018!

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