Girls L.E.A.D.

Girls’ Leadership through Equine Assisted Development

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Empowering Girls to Learn, Lead, & Live from Their Hearts

Horses have an energetic magnetism for young girls. They inspire in them a focus and devotion often unparalleled by any other extracurricular activity or personal development program. When we harness this power of the horse, we can empower these girls in engaging, creative, and meaningful ways. This 5 week, on site, interactive program is designed to do just that!

Enrollment for 2017 has ended. Please join the waitlist to be notified of the 2018 cohort of the Girls LEAD program.


“My ‘aha!’ moment was realizing that the people here really do value things about me”

“My favorite part was being with people that are so nice and being with the horses that are so calm and loving”

“I love that I got to socialize and totally be myself and people loved me for me”

“I learned how to make new friends and still be myself. I don’t always feel valued in my friend group but I felt valued here”

“I learned how to be a better leader by being me. I don’t have to change who I am to be a leader in my life”

“I loved the end of camp when we said all the kind things about each other. I heard things that made my heart soar! Day 5 = Best Day Ever!!!”


  • All girls age 9-13
  • If your child is slightly out of this age range and you feel she’d be a good fit for this program, please contact me and we’ll discuss options


  • Weekly gatherings at the farm, with the same small peer group and facilitators each visit. This allows us to create and maintain a space of emotional safety and group rapport
  • Weekly topics of focus which invite us to explore important characteristics of leadership
  • Partnering with peers & horses for experiential learning, as well as immediate and practical applications of the topics being explored
  • Small group discussion where students can learn and practice deep listening skills, effective group communication, sharing from a place of honesty and trust, and holding the space of emotional safety while others share from a place of honesty and trust
  • Hands-on, highly interactive exercises and activities with our herd of healing & helping horses. (aka, the FUN stuff!)
  • Debriefing discussion at the end of each day so that each student is given the opportunity to share, reflect, ask questions, and fully process the events of the day
  • This is a drop-off program, though you are welcome to stay on the farm to reduce traveling. All visitors, including non-participants are required to adhere to Farm Rules & Guidelines, as well as sign waivers.


  • A space of emotional and physical safety, first and foremost, so that each student is able to share, connect, and grow
  • Affirming & unwavering support for each student to discover and develop their natural gifts and leadership style
  • Hands-on, experiential learning activities where girls are encouraged to think out of the box, integrate all 3 brain centers (Head, Heart, Hara), and focus on collaboration over competition
  • Weekly updates via email on what our topic of focus is and ways you can support the continued learning and growth that we are tapping into here at the farm
  • Complimentary Girls LEAD Moleskin(R) journal to take notes during our time together as well as to record and reflect on how each topic is unfolding for them throughout the week
  • iSight(R) assessment which was created specifically for youth from the popular DiSC(R) personal and professional development instrument. iSight(R) focuses on recognizing and developing strengths and is written in positive and affirming language to increase self-esteem and offer guidance on how to best use inherent strengths more effectivelyFullSizeRender (1)

    Program Outline:

    • COMMUNICATION: Establishing Rules & Guidelines for Self & Others, Communication & Leadership Styles, Connecting with Your Three Brain Centers, Communication Among Team Members
    • BOUNDARIES: Establishing Healthy Boundaries, Maintaining Boundaries, Physical Boundaries vs Emotional Boundaries vs Energetic Boundaries
    • GROWTH MINDSET: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset, Belief in One’s Ability to Improve, Expanding View of Self & Others, Discovering Motivation & Inspiration
    • COMMITMENT: Loyalty to Personal Values, Responsibility to Self & Others, Thoughtful Delegation
    • SELF-EMPOWERMENT: Putting it All Together, Reflection on Challenges & Wins, Autonomy & Self Determination

Sundays 2-4p  ::  Nov 12th – Dec 10th

The Watershed Farm

401 Bandy Road  |  Ringgold, GA 30760

1 mile off exit 345 @I-75 | Easy to Access & GPS Friendly


This particular cohort of the Girls LEAD program is being offered in partnership with a previous LEAD graduate, Abbi Ellis, as part of her Capstone Project for High School Graduation. If any of your children have participated in our Barn OWLs Summer Camp or Empowering Girls event, you may have met Abbi as she has served as a co-facilitator and counselor.

Abbi is volunteering her time and energy into this project because she has personally experienced the benefits of this program and wants to offer that to other girls. I too have agreed to volunteer my services to assist Abbi in creating an incredible Capstone Project which is allowing us to offer this program at a drastically reduced rate.

To receive small group facilitation and interactions with the horses at this level, you would typically need to invest upwards of $400 for a 5 week program. We are offering this program now with your investment of just $150. I have set up a payment option as well and if you need something more personalized, simply contact me and I’m happy to work with you.

Registration Cost: $400 Register Now for just $150! That’s over a 60% savings!
Registration closes Thursday October 19th.

Sorry we missed you! If you'd like to be notified of the next cohort of our Girls LEAD program, please join our waitlist

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