Girls L.E.A.D.

Leadership  through  Equine  Assisted  Development

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Horses have an energetic magnetism for young girls. They inspire in them a focus and devotion often unparalleled by any other extracurricular activity or personal development program. When we harness this power of the horse, we can empower these girls in engaging, creative, and meaningful ways.

This program is designed to do just that, specifically for girls ages 8-12 & 13-17. Girls LEAD utilizes small group interactions with peers, paired with engaging activities with the horses to provide a unique opportunity to explore and develop individual leadership styles. Our facilitators and horses provide a safe, fun, and challenging environment to broaden skills such as 

        • Asserting Healthy Boundaries
        • Dealing with Peer Pressure
        • Managing Obstacles & Distractions
        • Making Empowered Choices
        • Finding Her Own Unique Voice

All activities are ground-based, which means there is no riding involved, and no skill or any previous experience with horses is required. To maintain a space of emotional safety and group rapport, this program is very limited in available spots and we do ask that participants commit to attending each session in the series. This also allows each participants previous session to inform the learning of the next session, creating a much more cohesive and powerful experience.