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Earth Day Meditation

a guided meditation for grounding yourself in Earth energy to access healing & protection

“Like the trees and winds and waters, we pray because we are here - not to change the world, but to change ourselves. Because it is when we change ourselves....that the world is changed.” ~Douglas Wood, Grandad's Prayers for the Earth

This meditation will guide you through setting your own grounding cords, both central and auxiliary, in order to draw up the warm, nurturing, protective, and healing Earth energy. It invites you into both releasing what's not yours, and reclaiming what is yours as part of the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part. 

“It seems I've always been listening for something - in early morning, in the hush of evening, along the trail and on the water. I've listened for a murmur, an undertone. A language, perhaps. Sometimes I've thought I heard... something.

Spoken by the white-throat at dawn, or by the stream near which he sings; spoken by the wind in the pines and the tolling of distant night thunder; by mute sunrise and sunset, by the fragrant water lily or the spring hepatica.

Sometimes I believe I've heard the language, between and among and within this worlds of life and light, shape and substance. And if I tried to name it, the closest work would be - love. But even if I know its name,, I understand it dimly, for it is heard through the sense, but with something deeper. I have found that to understand it, as with any language, means to listen. To listen means to stop. Become silent. Pay attention.

Having heard this language, I have also tried to speak it, and have been reminded of its hidden truth - that is spoken not with your voice, but with your life.” 

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