Guiding Principals of Ritual

When I'm creating rituals, whether simple like my 30 second Morning Ritual, or more elaborate like the Ritual Recipe I offered for Getting Unstuck, all creation is guided by these six basic principals. Engaging in the act of ritual is such a potent means to embodied change. When we embody our intentions, we carry them with us, in our heart, in our bones, in the very cells of our being, always. 

May these principals of ritual guide you in creating potent moments of embodied transformation. And may you find everything you need within your own heart as you allow that to lead you to your next Watershed Moment. 

with love,

Guiding Principals of Ritual

As you engage in the rituals throughout this book, may these principals guide you in creating sacred, everyday moments, every day.

1. Remain in connection with your intention.

2. If it’s not good for all, it’s not good.

3. Ritual is a sacred and ever-evolving, co-creative process with one another, animals, elements, earth, and Source.

4. Allow for inspiration and magic, and be open to what wants to happen in the moment.

5. Balance intellect, intuition, and body-centered awareness.

6. Engage in ritual from a place of gratitude for all beings, spirits, and energies involved.

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