Gender-Inclusive Circle

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because the world is wide and we are the bridge back home to one another

Women have been gathering in circles since ancient times. What may be surprising is, so have men. Prior to the rise of our current unbalanced patriarchal culture, men were expected to gather together to share, drum, sing, and dance. The loss of this opportunity for men has wounded everyone. As humans we need connection to thrive. Men need to have a safe space to share and process just as much as women.

As we enter our third year of the Wild, Wise, & Rising Women’s Circle, we have decided it isn’t enough. If we want to grow, evolve, and transcend modern culture we need to do it together and men need the same opportunities to engage in that evolution. We will be launching a men’s circle in Spring of 2020. Today we offer the full spectrum of genders an opportunity to bridge the gap between us.

Bridges Gender-Inclusive Circle is a six week program where participants gather online weekly. Together we will experience, not just talk about, topics such as Courage, Hope, Balance, and Creativity. Through a practice of deep listening, both to others and to our own inner wisdom, we develop the connections needed to build a bridge back home to one another.

Bridges consists of seven online gatherings, followed by an optional in person celebration. Our first gathering introduces us to one another and to the process and framework of Circling. The next six gatherings are centered around a specific topic with enough space to allow for what needs to come up. Our final gathering will be an in person experience in the Chattanooga area.

As part of the inaugural membership, we are offering this experience at the lowest investment possible in exchange for your honest feedback which will help us to shape the following iteration, While we encourage partners to join together, this is not a requirement and is in no way couples-focused.