Join Us in Community

Done with systems that were designed to keep you feeling too much and not enough all at once in order to capitalize on your insecurities?

Us too! Let's turn this shit around...

Join us to explore the nuance of hard questions, cultivate a personal path to a more spiritual life that includes social and environmental justice, make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about how we participate with life, and liberate ourselves from our patriarchal society's bullshit in order to rise up into who we truly are and embody our values in a way that brings purpose, fulfillment, and vitality to ourselves, our families, and our communities.

I procrastinated for years about joining Women Rising. It was always something that I felt my soul was yearning for, but I came up with just enough justifications to talk myself out of joining every time.

These women are REAL. These women have ZERO expectations of who I am supposed to be and have accepted me just as I am, opening up their hearts and lives to help me fulfill my dreams and goals. Thank you so much ladies!


"One of the best things I've done in a really long time"

"An integral part of my soul's evolution"

"A beautiful and refreshing aspect is being together with other women in various phases and stages of life. So often we spend time with those that are very similar in age/stage to us. I highly recommend that any woman take this chance to invest in themselves."

"Beyond a blessing"

"A prayer answered"

Being in Circle with a close knit group of women met a need for connection on a deeper level that had been missing in my life. The busyness of every day leaves little time for deep in-person connection. This group was always there, I could know they were thinking of me, having my back, open and without judgement. It also felt good to know the other members knew they could count on me. When we gathered it felt like we were right there around the table together having tea and a chat. 


"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise" -Bosa Sebele