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Do you want to experience true community and belonging with like-hearted humans?

Our free private Facebook communities are truly that - communities. The culture of our groups offers members a safe place to share, celebrate, receive support, learn, and grow. We'd love to have you be a part of that and contribute to the magic!

Be inspired & encouraged to 

Rise Up...

Our Women Rising Alliance is for anyone who identifies as a woman and does not identify with the imbalanced system and inflexible cultural norms placed on women and girls. 

This group is for women to find inspiration, encouragement, and support in owning their power to create positive change in themselves and the world around them - without compromising their wild heart.

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise" -Bosa Sebele

expand your consciousness with

Herd Wisdom...

Our " the Presence of Horse" community is for anyone with a sense of curiosity about the energetic and spiritual aspects of the Horse, Nature, and how being in rhythm with them can expand our capacity for empathy, compassion, and even consciousness.

This group is for all those wishing to explore the possibilities that open up to us when we open up to great mysteries of the Universe.

On a planet so intimately mapped through satellite surveillance, the last frontier may be hidden in our own barns and backyards. Our peaceful nickering and tail-wagging friends have been waiting, for centuries, for us to realize they're not just here to help us protect territory, trek through the wilderness, and masture nature; they're innately equipped to assist us in tapping those higher levels of awareness, compassion, and leadership essential to fulfilling our role as responsible stewards of the earth, its myriad cultures, and its vast array of sentient, uniquely gifted life-forms."

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