Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to educate and inspire women to resource themselves during times of change so that they may access and own their power to change the world through an authentic, purpose-driven life.

Our Vision

 The Watershed Farm exists to offer engaging, educational, and inspiring programs to women that support them in owning their individual power while bringing them into community with others doing the same. We offer both virtual/online gatherings as well as onsite programs at our farm. Through respectful partnership with our team of horses and other human specialists, and thoughtfully designed experiences, our clients receive innovative, trauma-informed care, and a unique embodied learning process that is both memorable and life-changing

While we do open some offerings as "gender-inclusive", our work focuses on all individuals that identify as women. We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and will always stand on the side of love.

If you're interested in creating your own personal mission statement that defines your Values and gives you a Vision to work towards each day, join us in the Women Rising Alliance! We'd be delighted to have you be a part of this wild and wise community of Women Rising!

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