The Feather Project

Welcome dear friend & fellow collector of magic!

Whether or not our bodies have met, our hands have clasped, or our arms have embraced one another, I recognize that some magic has brought us together. Our souls have collided outside the framework of time and space and now here we are.

I trust that the message you needed to receive through your feather is displayed below. I have created each image myself and crafted with care the message meant for you in this moment. Any other person, at any other moment, would receive an entirely new message:

feather_keep moving forward

Perhaps you found a feather and saw meaning, message, and magic.
Maybe it found you.
Maybe you were just trying to get this feather out of your way when you saw the attached note and it stirred up enough curiosity to bring you here.

And I love that about you.

You welcome moments of magic and lean into curiosities. This is not a gimmick or a game. It’s simply the most authentic way for me to share the abundance of love, compassion, inspiration, and joy, that I get to experience every single day on this farm. 

I’d love to hear your story! Please share a photo of your feather and tag me on Instagram & Facebook @TheWatershedFarm so I’m sure to see it. Tell me your story. We will curate stories & images through #WatershedFeather. Other tags to add to the collective are #WatershedWisdom  and #TheWatershedFarm

All feathers have been found by me personally. Either here on the farm or while out on an adventure. Some have stayed with me for years before finding their way into this movement. You may choose to

  1. keep your feather 
  2. pass it on to a friend in need,
  3. or simply drop it where it wants to be found by another 

I have some other free gifts I’d love to give you as well. 

with love & support for you on your journey,