Red Thread Fund

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The Red Thread Fund

The Red Thread Fund is for women who don’t currently have the finances to participate in a program, event, or course offered through either The Watershed Farm or sister site The Alchemy of Equus.  It is a Pay-it-Forward loan that once repaid, allows another woman with limited funds to participate. A new Red Thread begins with payback to the Red Thread Fund. In addition, both The Watershed Farm and The Alchemy of Equus will offer one new Red Thread per program, event, or course through the application process below. Each new Red Thread has a timeline and life of its own. Successful recipient(s) will be drawn just before the course begins.

Recipients pay back the loan when finances become available to them, which may be weeks or months later. Repayment happens by paying for the registration for another woman – either by nominating someone of her choosing, or if she doesn’t have a woman in mind, her payback is accepted and a new recipient is selected through the application process below. When you are able to repay your Red Thread, please return to this page and go to the “Passing on a Red Thread” section below. Repayment to the Fund is collected in US Dollars.

Passing on a Red Thread (repayment)

* Special thanks to Amy Kraus Rosenthal and Lenka Clayton at An Artist Residency in Motherhood for creating the Red Thread Fund concept and for being generally awesome, passionate, creative, and inspiring me to tears. The happy kind. xoxo

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