Spring Retreat :: Feeling Your Way to the Light

Join us for a day of connecting to what matters most – YOU! Come and Feel Your Way to the Light within you…


woman sparkler UnSThe “Feeling Your Way to the Light” series was created in order to connect women to their own inherent wisdom, power, and knowing…

to their sparkle…

     to their souls…

          to their LIGHT!

The Way of the Horse [retreat] was an extremely valuable, life-affirming experience facilitated by extraordinarily gifted team facilitators. The benefits of that time as a group, and with the horse, continue to reverberate for me, and wash over me with grace. It was truly a kairos day.

Lebenon, TN

While our thoughts are created in our minds, these thoughts have the power to create emotions in our body.  In turn, our body is capable of generating and sending emotional information from additional “brain centers” to our thinking mind. In fact, our heart contains neural cells, and our gut contains more neural cells than our spinal column. When we are not connected in a meaningful way to our body, we cannot truly process through our emotions. We cannot access the deep well of wisdom that lies within eachholding the light of us.

We must be able to connect with our bodies, where the emotions live, in order to connect with the wisdom they bring us as messengers of our soul. There is no quick switch. There is no way to talk ourselves out of it or around it.

We must Feel Our Way to the Light.


Enter, the ancient wisdom and energy of the horse…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Horses serve as powerful guides on our personal path of growth and discovery.  Their acute sensitivity to energy, and their desire for congruency in those around them means that they reflect back to us, moment by moment, our own state of being. They will reflect both those moments when we disconnect from ourselves, and also when we come into alignment with our true self.

Their deep, non-judgmental presence offers us space to explore our own truth, and their heart-centered awareness invites us too to experience the clarity, openness and sense of freedom that come with living authentically from our heart and in alignment with our soul.

I can't describe the emotion when [the horse], after a few minutes of figuring out who I was, came over to me, and wanted me to know she was there, holding space for me. I stroked her and told her my fears, through tears. If you ever get the opportunity, attend a retreat at The Watershed Farm and be transformed.

Chattanooga, TN

Integrating small group discussions and hands-on activities, with powerful, one-on-one experiences with the horses, this retreat will help you:rsz_woman_kissing_horse_at_gate_sunset

  • Show up in your life with Soulful Authenticity
  • Bring Awareness to your Energetic Being
  • Live a life in alignment with your Core Values
  • Experience the sacred gift of Community
  • Take part in Powerful & Transformative Equine Sessions with one of our horses

You will be guided by the ancient wisdom of the horse as you explore your own profound inner wisdom, inherent in your body, emotions, and intuition. Whether you choose to attend the retreat only, or participate in an individual session with the horse, this experience will provide you with the change you crave, the alignment and clarity you seek, and the inner peace and knowing that is available to you. 

And it all happens here in the Sacred Space of Possibility, where you can focus on you. You can experience a day of living in kairos where time no longer exists and we move with the flow of the group, ensuring everyone receives what they need. We will meet you where you are at and support you to get where you want to be. We will also feed you, and love you, and honor you because you deserve nothing less. The sun is setting on this opportunity. Step into this calling. Step into your light. Make this single investment in your Self and be forever connected…

to this community…???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

   to your own knowing…

      to your spark…

         to your light…

            to your Soul!


 It’s all here waiting for you at The Watershed Farm,

located just 15min south of Chattanooga TN.

*Please note all interactions take place on the ground.*

*There is no riding and no horse experience required*

Probably the greatest gift I’ve received from working with Stephanie is an awareness of the delightful and endearing inner qualities of all horses that has taken them, in my mind, from recreational companions to valued partners and teachers.

Erie, PA

An exceptional journey in self-discovery and connection given to you as a gift by a horse, in the only way they know how...

Chattanooga, TN

I did not know what to expect when I came today and found myself opening up to a wonderful horse and leaving with a feeling of love and joy

Chattanooga, TN

Our intention in this "Feeling Your Way to the Light" series was to reach as many women as possible, and spark a defining moment of positive change in their lives. A watershed moment that will empower women to alter the unfolding of their life path, as they continue on with an eternal connection to their own inner light!  

​To this end, we are:

  • Including a {FREE} 5 week eCourse on Emotions as Messengers of the Soul
  • Including a {FREE} Live, Interactive, Online Workshop which pulls in the Spirit of the Horse as both Muse & Guide on this inward journey
  • ​Offering (2) days of programming with an option to attend one or both days
  • Restructuring the retreat to allow the Equine Session to be an optional add-on
  • Offering this experience at the lowest price point we have ever offered
  • Including some great bonuses such as signed book giveaways, discounts on coaching packages, and an opportunity to continue working together as a group through an online coaching and mastermind program  

If this experience is resonating with you in any way, your time is now. It only takes one single moment of courage to step into an experience that will change you for a lifetime. And in this experience, you will have all the support you need to Feel Your Way to the Light. Your Light!

Your investment options are​:

  • ​$97 for the full day, all-inclusive retreat. Bring yourself and an open heart, we'll provide a light breakfast, healthy lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day, all learning materials and supplies. You can also choose to attend both days for $170. Click [Save My Seat] to see available payment plans or message me for additional options.
  • Add an Individual Equine Session for just $45. Experience a powerful, one-on-one session with one of our horses while being held in the sacred space of possibility by our small group community and experienced facilitators. **Availability of Equine Sessions is LIMITED and will be provided as first come/first served** 
  • Click [Save My Seat] to see available payment plans or message me for additional options.

Interested in receiving a discount and other free gifts? Register for our {FREE} Live, Online, & Interactive Workshop! We'll be discussing just how the spirit of the horse can inspire us every day to trust our bodies, our intuition, and our souls! We'll gather together Saturday April 8th at 9:30a. A replay will be sent to all those who register.

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