Turning Change into Transformation through Somatic Presencing and the Embodied Enneagram

Embodied Transformation Sessions: the key to lasting change, aligned with your true nature

What clients are saying about these sessions:



"huge relief"

"profound and healing"

"so fun"

"biggest shift in me"


These sessions are currently being offered as a beta program.
You're invited to experience these powerful somatic based sessions at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for your feedback.

What you'll receive...

  • Complimentary access code to take the most scientifically validated and research-based Enneagram assessment
  • Full report of your top 3 types
  • Personalized workbook 
  • 50 minute integration call to create a somatic pathway for your transformation

What you'll experience...

  • Absolute Clarity on your true nature: begin to see the golden thread that's woven throughout your life
  • Renewed Confidence: you'll be surprised to learn what your unique superpower is and why it's ok to fully embrace that, and exactly how you can do that
  • Embodied Courage: through a somatic, or body-centered, approach you'll open to a space within you that is the greatest source of your power and courage - and it's yours anytime you need it! 
  • Practical Knowledge: you'll leave with the tools you need to continue on your path of reclamation and true, lasting transformation

How to reserve your session...

  • This limited time offer is only available here, on this (secret) page
  • Purchase today and you'll automatically receive your complimentary Enneagram assessment code & private scheduling link to reserve your session
  • Once you've completed the Enneagram assessment I'll send your report along with your personalized workbook

Your (secondary) guide on the path to transformation...

You already have everything you need within you to create the lasting change you desire. Your body, and the wisdom it holds, will be your ever-present and accessible guide on this journey. Because our culture teaches us to favor reason and logic over instinct, emotion, intuition, sensory and extrasensory awareness it's so easy to lose touch with this inherent bodily wisdom. But it's there inside of you right now. It never left you. It's my honor and passion to point you to your one true guide and guru - your very own body.

I've been working alongside my herd to support women in somatic presencing and accessing their mind-body wisdom for the past six years. I now bring my studies of the enneagram to add an additional layer of clarity, awareness, and confidence as I continue to support women in turning seasons of change, into true, lasting transformation.

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