The Magic of Words

I find inherent magic in words, and as a writer, I find my inherent magic in words. Or at least it’s a way to express my magic. A way that feels as comfortable as slipping into my husband’s old worn out tee, softly scented with his cologne. The creating, the pouring out, the expressing of Truth – when all else fails, disappoints, leaves me feeling broken, inadequate, or confused – the paper, much like those soft cotton threads, are there to catch me, comfort me, offer me a soft place to rest.

Sharing my writing is where the growth happens. It happens in a way that stretches me beyond what I thought I was capable of – on both ends of the spectrum. It seems I’m either resisting the urge to hit delete, and standing in the discomfort of sharing a piece I know doesn’t do justice to the feelings behind it. Or I’m reading and re-reading and re-reading my own words because they so clearly help me understand all the things I’m feeling. Either way though, it’s growth, and it’s magic.

It’s this belief in the magic of words that brought Writing Coach, Story Healer, and Magic Maker Marisa Goudy into my life. Her Magic Words Challenge brought together my love of language, magic, and minimum viable behaviors at the perfect time in my life, when I needed to reconnect with my magic most.

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Maintaining my Daily Practice of writing hasn’t been easy to do in this season of life, with babies and young children to raise. It’s just been necessary. And as vital as I know that it is to my Self, in the din of Motherhood it often silently slips away. I need to write, but I want to write pieces that are moving, expressive, soul-resonating, breath-taking pieces.  However, at least in this season, coherent is good enough. Words are good enough. A single word is good enough.

It means I’m showing up. I’m writing. I’m honoring my magic.

For seven days I made my minimum baseline behavior for my writing practice to write a single word. To honor the magic in that word. To release expectations of “soul-resonating” and “breath-taking”. To let go of the idea of being understood by other. To simply show up, stay in the room, and not hit delete. From that space, magic flowed…


A word that lives in the question: curiosity.

Always seeking, without expectation or judgement. Arriving is never the end, only the beginning of new quests.


A word that uncovers: quiet

It is the difference between the truth and your Truth. What is uncovered when the veil is lifted and all that you’ve told yourself, everything you want to believe for the sake of your own comfort, falls away.

Truth is uncovered in the quiet spaces between thoughts and between breaths. The silent space of not knowing. The empty space of allowing. It is in those quiet moments where your own Truth will bring you to your knees, weeping in joy and in sorrow and in the greatest comfort you’ll ever know. The deep comfort of owning your Truth.

In gratitude to many quiet moments.


A word that bursts: motherhood

Beyond the high of true love and past the depths of grief, nothing has cracked me open wider than motherhood.

From the moment I entered this space and every cell in my body awoke to a higher calling, to each moment thereafter of joy & fear & despair & belonging – my heart grows and bursts in new ways every day.

Eight years in and I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m showing up with my heart on my sleeve and my baby on my hip and I know that’s enough to keep me growing and bursting another day.

In gratitude to my partner, children, and tribe.


A word that reconciles: forgiveness

A thread of grace to mend the past.
A salve to heal old wounds.
The heartbreak of an offering extended too late,
The humility in an offering too soon.

We’ve heard and we know it is not to serve others,
It’s meant to set *us* free.
So in looking for rips that might need your mending
Ask yourself, “but have I forgiven me?”


A word that releases: self-love

When we fall in love with our Selves, as is, without condition, and with fierce devotion, we are released from the prison of others’ expectations.
We are released from the pain and hurt of judgments.
We are released from the old stories and beliefs we have held onto to keep other people comfortable.
We are released from the grip of our own shadow and are free to SHINE ON, lighting the way for the next brave+bright soul


A word that rests: retreat

Until today, I hadn’t struggled with words. There was no vacillating and wavering between ideas, only a clear pull towards the obvious.

My runner up today was {home}. It’s the safe place we can all fall into at the end of the day and the haven we rarely ever want to leave. It’s also where I work, where my endless to-dos are right there in my face reminding me of all things, #ALLTHETHINGS!

To retreat is to seek solace from it ALL. To remove yourself from all the physical reminders, the energy of your everyday space, and the patterns of behavior. There is nothing pulling at you. Only rest.

Marisa shared a beautiful quote by Maya Angelou which said, “…each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” And as much as this profoundly introverted soul is, I think I have too many cares on me when I’m in my home to fully and completely rest.

Fortunately I can retreat to a place with even less human contact. Ahhhh…now we’re talking!


A word that renews: wonder

Wonder renews our perspective on the everyday. When we see our world through the lens of wonder, having that renewed perspective shakes the dust off of our experiences, enlivens our senses, wakes our bodies, and sets fire to our souls.


Where does your magic lie?

What connects you with your soul? What makes you come alive? What is the call of your wild heart telling you?

If you too have lost that connection or it’s something that’s come in and out of your life and you want that magic to stay – Join us in Circle.

If you don’t know what makes you come alive, or you feel like that’s a part of you lost, missing, untouched for years – Join us in Circle.

Your magic isn’t lost. You are not broken. You belong.


My name is Melissa Bennett. Whether on site or online, I inspire & support women just like YOU to move through fear and reclaim the lost parts of themselves in order to live a life of confidence, courage, & creative expression. I too have journeyed the path of self-reclamation and continue to do so every day. It is my greatest gift and honor to guide you on your path to the most sacred of all places - your own wild heart. To discover how we can work together to bring you back to your self, connect with me on my site at


  1. Thank you Melissa, beautiful peace! As a writer, a mother, and an EFL practitioner, your words resonated with me. Finally I am starting to write again after a long block….when we are ready, the words will come.

  2. This is a great post – showing a way in to writing. I think showing up is important – that devotion can carry you through. For me it was turning up each morning with camera in hand to walk mindfully and take a photo. I did it for 40 days!! And blogged – and got so much out of it. It fed into my writing too – I think because it was keeping that ‘special time’ just for me. Letting go of expectations and allowing the creativity to flow. Thanks for sharing your practice.

    • You bring up a really important aspect of Daily Practice, which is to have time and space to be with no one but your Self. I love how the photography inspired and fed your writing practice as well! The synchrony is especially amusing to me because I recently (just 3 days ago) began taking 1 picture to capture the feeling of my morning walk around the farm. It’s helped me be more fully present and connect to the land in a deeper way. Thanks so much for sharing this bit inspiration!

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