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Women Rising.

You want to make a difference, leave your mark on this world, and create an impact!

 BUT you don't like playing by the rules. 

You're a rebelle.

You're seen as a misfit.

Persist. Don't ever change. 

Change the world instead. 

Now more than ever it's vital that women speak up, be seen, and take on leadership roles. It's time every woman owned her personal power to effect change. Whether you're creating change for yourself, your family, organization, or community, you're going to need an alliance of strong, smart, supportive women behind you.


This mentorship program gives you that devoted alliance, along with a meaningful connection to mentors who will ensure that you're taking sustainable and impactful steps into your dream life each and every week! And we guarantee your absolute delight.

women rising mentorship with money back guarantee

"The root of power means to be able. Power from within is linked to the mysteries that awaken our deepest abilities and potential. So if our work is to evoke power-from-within, we must clearly envision the conditions that would allow that power to come forth. We must identify what blocks it, and create the conditions that foster empowerment. Given a world based on power-over, we must remake the world." -Starhawk

Dreams Need Teams

You have incredible ideas and the unique gifts to bring those ideas into existence. The only thing missing is a framework of actions with accountability and support to see them through. Imagine having a team of women behind you to energize, inspire, and support you every step of the way. Imagine your daydream wishes being your new way of life!

Big dreams require your focused attention over time. It's far too easy to become distracted, discouraged, and stuck in overwhelm. 

We are here to make sure you stay inspired, on course, and in touch with your power to make the bold choices necessary to actualize your greatest aspirations!

No more saying 'someday'! This small group mentorship gives you everything you need to rise up and create change in the way only you can!

Aligned Actions for Impact 

As women we are deeply connected to the natural ebbs and flows of seasonal shifts. Our energy is cyclical in nature. This is rarely accounted for in modern western culture which focuses on the masculine 24 hour biochemical schedule. 

Women naturally move through phases of inward reflection and intuition, creativity, outward expression, and power tasking. We also have macro cycles that align us with the rhythms of Nature. When you work with your body's natural tendencies, your efforts will be amplified and you willcreate with ease

Each week you'll receive one action that will move you forward in a way that creates meaningful impact, without burnout.

The Nine Seasons of Women Rising:

  1. Prepare Your Soil {mindset is everything}
  2. Plant Your Seed {dream big, face fears}
  3. Root Down, Sprout Up {show up, play big}
  4. Develop a Strong Trunk {cultivate resilience}
  5. Bloom Boldly {brave action for big impact}
  6. Bear Fruit {leading to feed others}
  7. Harvest Fruits {celebrate sweet rewards}
  8. Drop Your Leaves {release and return}
  9. Rest Dormant {rest and reflect}

Each Action for Impact video can be easily personalized to move you toward your specific goal in the way that's most meaningful for you.

Twice Monthly Growth Gatherings

This is where you recharge, reset, and gain strength to keep growing! Every two weeks you'll meet with your group and, guided by your mentors, you'll share ideas, challenges, and celebrate wins! You'll have access to other perspectives and a team of strong, savvy women cheering you on every step of the way!

“Abandon the cultural myth that female friendships must be bitchy, toxic, or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses — pretty but designed to SLOW women down.”

-Roxane Gay

In addition to the twice monthly gatherings facilitated by either Kristie or Melissa, the group has access to our private Zoom room and is invited to gather more informally, kitchen table style, on the in-between weeks.

You will carry these connections on for a lifetime of friendship and abiding support.

Private Mentorship Meetings to Supercharge Your Efforts​

and pay *you* for your time!

Private, one-to-one access to both Kristie & Melissa is included in this mentorship program. Melissa will help you decide the best actions to take and the tools to make it happen with ease. Kristie will ensure you're operating at optimal levels in mind, body, and spirit by supporting you in sacred self-care. We will both be your biggest fans and instigators for your personal revolution!

"These private sessions are so powerful and immediately impactful! The facilitators are amazing, genuinely caring about each individual and creating a sacred place to share and grow." -mirthful misfit + former mentorship member

It's absolutely true. But here's what else I've noticed about these sessions. Women apologize for showing up to them. They apologize for taking up time. Part of what I want you to experience through this mentorship is valuing your time, your resources, and your inherent worthiness. Owning your worthiness is part of owning your power.

I want to show you that the time you devote to your vision is so valuable that we'll PAY YOU each time you attend your session, and you'll EARN EVEN MORE when you show up for yourself consistently each month!

You'll be paid $10 cash back for each private session attended!

You'll earn $5 for each consecutive month you attend, for a bonus payout at the end of this program! Winning streaks add excitement and energy to your Vision and "gamifying" life is a fun way to insert joy and playfulness! Let's have fun!

women rising mentorship cash back

Meet Your Mentors

Melissa Bennett

Co-Facilitator & Catalyst for Courageous Acts

Melissa brings nearly two decades of knowledge in the field of human behavior and multiple brain intelligence. She shares her deep understanding of how your heart, brain, body and energy field can work in synergy to support your big leaps. Melissa will guide you in accessing and owning your power to create positive and meaningful change in your life.

Kristie McKinley

Co-Facilitator & Sacred Self Care Specialist

Kristie has mastered the sacred art of self care and will ensure you're showing up for yourself in optimal form of mind, body, and spirit. As a Reiki Master and Keeper of Safe Spaces, her presence brings both peace and power that is absolutely palpable. You need this women in your corner!

We believe in you and are invested in your success!

This Mentorship Serves You in 3 Incredible Ways:


Actions for Impact

New videos are released each Monday. Filled with inspiration and a simple action, these short clips will ensure you are moving forward step-by-step. 


Group Gatherings

Plug into your recharging station on Sunday evenings! Your fellow circle members will be your energizers, mentors, sounding board, support system, and safety net. Together you'll rise to lift each other up and amplify one another's success.


Mentorship Meetings 

These one-to-one meetings give both you and your mentor a chance to dig deep into your biggest challenge and ensure you're moving forward in alignment with your vision and values. Scheduled at your convenience. 


1 Simple Action for Impact Video, Weekly  

Released each Monday, these short, educational, and inspirational videos offer one simple action to complete that week. These will often have accompanying downloads, as well as additional resources if you'd like to dig into the lesson further. Audio only files are also available for those who prefer podcast-style listening

This clip shows an example of what these videos look like


Meet as a Group, Twice Monthly

Using Zoom as our video conference platform, you'll gather with the other women in your mentorship to celebrate wins, share challenges, and receive feedback and support to carry you through the next two weeks. These gatherings facilitated by one of your mentors gives you additional time to receive personal recommendations and coaching. Gathering for chats on the in-between weeks keeps you consistent and connected.


Personalized Mentorship Meetings Keep You Moving Forward

Have a personal coach and mentor right in your back pocket! These one-to-one sessions can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer. During these sessions we are focused solely on you, your goals, and connecting you to everything you need to create your dreams and actualize your aspirations! 


What Our Members Have to Say...

Anne Eston - Published Author & Writing Coach at writeranne.net

This has been an integral part of my soul’s evolution, and a jewel in the crown of every success I experience. I’m deeply grateful to be part of [this program] and to have it in my life.

Lindsay Drury - Birth Photographer and Founder of BirthAndMom.com 

Being a part of this [mentorship] is unlike anything else I have ever experienced and has been a large catalyst in moving me forward.

Sara Apgar- Social Justice Activist, Mother, Student of Social Work

...It also felt good to know the other members knew they could count on me. When we gathered it felt like we were right there around the table together... Melissa's gentle guidance led us all to see things from a new perspective. She seems to always know just what to say or ask to spark growth.

women rising mentorship with money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your experience, for any reason at all, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will promptly issue a refund.

Rise UP

*Most Affordable*

$57/mo March - November

limited spots available

  • Weekly Actions for Impact videos
  • Twice monthly Growth Gatherings 
  • Schedule Mentorship Meetings as needed for $150 just $60 (60% off regular price)
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Single Payment Bonuses $499


*Highest Level of Support*

$197/mo March - November


  • Weekly Actions for Impact videos
  • Twice monthly Growth Gatherings 
  • Monthly Mentorship Meetings (virtual or in person/on farm)
  • Priority Scheduling
  •  $10 cash back for each mentorship meeting attended
  • Bonus payout for attending mentorship meetings consistently
  • Personalized Trello board to track collaborative workflow and store bonus resources
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 30% OFF Weekend Of Oneness retreat in May

Single Payment Bonuses  $1699

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