Camp WOO@home

flowing south for the winter

 Camp Weekend Of Oneness is coming to you this winter! 

Stay cozy in your own basecamp while learning from some of the South's wisest women, and connecting to other campers who share your passion for Earth-based practices.

Meet Your Camp Counselors

This council of women has dedicated their lives to gathering the wisdom of their ancestors, the teachings of their elders, and their own lived experience in order to share with us the many paths to Oneness; with the Earth, with the Divine, with our Selves, and with One another.

Kristie McKinley

Keeper of Safe Spaces, Master Reiki Teacher

Kristie will gently set you on your path of self care through energetic practices, and teach you how to find ease in mindset shifts. 

Counselor 2


Brief intro to what counselor will be offering campers

Counselor 3


Brief intro to what counselor will be offering campers

Counselor 4


Brief intro to what counselor will be offering campers

Meet the rest of your incredible counselors here

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” -Edith Sitwell

If you dig this virtual camp, you might take joy in this...

find deeper connections to this village in our ongoing Virtual basecamp WOMEN RISING 

We are a collective of uncompromising women at or near the middle of life who desire a deeper understanding of ourselves, and more meaningful connections with other women who share our progressive values. 

We are here to explore the nuance of hard questions, cultivate a personal path to a more spiritual life that includes social and environmental justice, make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about how we participate with life, and liberate ourselves from our patriarchal society's bullshit in order to rise up into who we truly are and embody our values in a way that brings purpose, fulfillment, and vitality to ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

Plan softly to Gather at the Farm for CAMP WOO @BELTANE, May 1-3, 2021

This past year has taught us to hold our plans lightly, stay flexible, and choose to do what's in the best interest of all, even when it feels devastating to the one. After cancelling last year's Camp WOO, we hold softly onto our plans for bringing everyone together around the fire of Beltane to celebrate our growth and the rebirth of many new opportunities.

What Others Say About Women Rising


Finding a group of women willing to share their inner selves, in a shared spiritual journey, is a prayer answered. I am grateful for the creative support that Melissa gives to each of us. And I look forward to the continuing inspiration of this wild hearted Circle.




The Women Rising  Circle has been an integral part of my soul’s evolution, and a jewel in the crown of every success I experience. I’m deeply grateful to be part of Circle and to have it in my life.



Being in the Women Rising Circle with a close knit group of women met a need for connection on a deeper level that had been missing in my life. The busyness of every day leaves little time for deep in-person connection. This group was always there, I could know they were thinking of me, having my back, open and without judgement. It also felt good to know the other members knew they could count on me. When we gathered it felt like we were right there around the table together having tea and a chat. 


Where women gather, mountains move and healing happens.

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