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Intention + Consistency + Accountability = 

Reclaiming Your Light to Live the Life You Deserve & Desire!

Make this happen by investing in YOU!

Are you a woman with a genuine desire to create a life of intention, courage, and empowered authenticity? Are you ready to show up for yourself in new ways and want unwavering encouragement, consistent support, and loving accountability to make it all happen?

You can do it! I can help!

Online Coaching & Support

Join a Tribe of women who share your desire to create a life of intention by listening to and following the call of their hearts. This very diverse and eclectic Facebook community is made up of women of all ages, stages, and seasons of life! It’s what makes this Tribe different from most and where there is diversity, there is expansion, creativity, and understanding.



For a deeper, more personalized level of support I invite you to step in Circle. This membership program offers comprehensive support, personalized care and encouragement. and is an enormous value for any woman who is dedicated to showing up for herself.



[Strategy Session page being updated. Scroll down to Notify Me button for more] This is where you and I dig deep into what’s blocking you from living the life you desire and discover together exactly what’s missing, how you can (re)Claim that, and (re)Ignite the fire within to shine like never before! You’ll walk away with a treasure map to your soul and an actionable plan that aligns with your Head, Heart, & Hara.



On Site Programs & Events

These events include Meditation, Art, and Yoga… all of which take place in the presence of the herd (horses and goats!) and allows you to connect to yourself and your creative expression with ease by first connecting you to the potent energetic field of the horses, animals, and land that surround you.



To stay connected to events and programs, as well as receive information and resources that I feel would help support anyone on their personal path to growth and spiritual expansion, you can become a Museletter Member by selecting any (or all) of the Free Gifts I offer.


Thank you for Being.