Way of the Horse Card Readings

“Intuition is seeing with the Soul.” ~D. Koontz  {discover your soul by listening to it}

This service is offered for both individual/private readings, as well as group/party readings. There are many myths, misconceptions, and mystery surrounding oracle cards and how they can be used. If you have specific questions, you’re welcome to set up a discovery call with me to explore them. These cards are one of the most creative, playful, and visually appealing ways for me to connect with Spirit/Source/God. Oracle cards are different than tarot cards and so the types of information we gather from them are also different. Oracle Cards are useful for:

  • Gaining clarity and insight on specific situations or circumstances
  • Asking for guidance around a particular issue
  • Finding a focal point/theme for the day or month
  • Discovering insight on how you might approach a new situation
  • Accessing your own inherent wisdom with a sense of playfulness and approachability

As a sensitive, empathic, and intuitive soul, I offer these services as a way for you to begin to (re)claim your own natural intuitive gifts. These readings are very interactive because I want you to notice and give voice to what is coming up for you. Rather than placing all your trust in the cards, or my interpretation of the cards and the energy present, I want you to begin to place trust in yourself as well. The readings I offer are both insightful and empowering.

 You may choose to schedule your reading either online via Zoom teleconferencing or in-person right here at the farm. The in-person readings are conducted in the presence of the horses while at liberty and so this option offers an additional layer of richness, insight, and magical collaboration.
  • Signature Welcome Packet* to begin your journey of Self-Discovery straight away and set the stage for major shifts to occur. *Typically reserved for my private coaching clients, I have opened up this offer for anyone booking group/party readings.
  • (1) ~40min Oracle Card Reading per person – I begin the session by sharing a brief overview of the cards, some different options on readings and by setting the space with a prayer and other sacred & delightful ways. We can then move into the individual readings in either a shared group space, or in private – whichever is preferred by each individual client.
  • Email Check-in – While this is not a coaching service, I do enjoy checking in with clients I have performed readings for and seeing if there has been any additional insight or questions that have come up as things have unfolded for them following the reading. This check-in is optional.
  • Investment of $50 for online readings or $75 for readings in the presence of the horses.
  • Sisterhood option Register with a friend to join you on the journey and you each pay $40 for online or $65 for readings in the presence of the horses
  • Group/Party option Group rates and Reading Parties (your location or here at the farm) are available upon request

You will be taken to a scheduling page to select your appointment time.

Once confirmed you will be sent an invoice for payment prior to our time together.


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