...you can feel it. There is a restlessness, a longing, and the still small voice that whispers

"Is this it?"

You know you are bigger than the life you are leading. You want more.

More playfulness and whimsy.

More art and creativity.

More barefoot walks and deeper talks.

More of the Sacred in the Everyday​.

More Wildness.

And this is your invitation to join other women just like you.

  • Do you ever feel like a bit of an outsider when it comes to your spiritual beliefs?
  • Do you have a desire to explore and discover a spiritual practice that fits your lifestyle but you aren't sure where to begin or feel overwhelmed by your interests and options?
  • Do you desire a deeper more soulful connection to nature, to other women, to something greater than yourself, and to your own soul, but lack the support and accountability to tend to that soulful relationship in the midst of a modern lifestyle?
  • I am inviting you into a community for like-minded women who will love, honor, and respect you just as you are (in fact, we already do!)
  • I will support your individual journey by exploring topics, processes, and approaches, broken down into simple, easily digestible bites. I promise you, you can find time for this, and it will only enhance your already full life.
  • You will receive Sacred Ritual Kits in the mail which contain the essentials for our shared ritual, connect us through all of our senses, and allow you to explore individual elements (such as crystals, oils, teas, plant medicine, and specific practices) at a pace that fits your lifestyle.
  • You will receive support and accountability through our live online gatherings, a community forum,  and weekly check-ins. You will also experience the organic development of friendships and connections that naturally happen when women share from an open heart. We are here to expand our consciousness together

How would it feel...

  • To receive a beautiful, hand-wrapped gift in the mail each month that contains sacred, soulful elements of ritual and ceremony?
  • To make time for yourself (even as little as 1 hour a week), to (re)connect to your values and beliefs, (re)ground yourself in nature and her elements, (re)commit to self care and your spiritual practice?
  • To be encouraged to question the process rather than simply accept whatever is laid in front of you?
  • To (re)connect to your creativity and soulful expression through a guided Creative Process each month?
  • To discover, and anchor yourself in, your true authentic voice through both journal prompts and small group discussion?
  • To be held within a devoted, trustworthy, and enduring container of emotional safety and support throughout the entire process of the unfolding of you?

What membership into the

Wild Hearted Women's Circle includes:

  • Weekly live, online gatherings
    • One will always center around sharing in ritual and ceremony which are themed based on nature's rhythms, phases, and changes.
    • Additional gatherings are included to share how the processes are unfolding for you in your life personally, and offer group support and group coaching. 
  • Sacred Ritual Kits delivered to your home, which contain elements to engage all your senses and connect you more deeply with those in the online space
    • Items include crystals, candles, fine chocolates, teas, herbs, hand-crafted jewelry, incense, and other items to enliven your senses 
  • Weekly check-ins and challenges to help you stretch, grow, expand, and allow
  • Live, virtual yoga studio where a certified instructor guides you through a series of movements which support both your physical and energetic bodies in carrying out the intentions you have set for yourself. Personal Q&A sessions with the instructor are also available in order to offer you the most comprehensive support we can.
  • Monthly downloads containing a meditation, journal prompts, creative process guide, ritual recipes, and additional resources should you feel called to explore the topic and theme of that month at a deeper level
  • Discounts & Complimentary Tickets for both onsite and online events. Members receive complimentary tickets to the often sold-out Meditation in the Presence of Horse events, receive a 25% discount on all items in my etsy shop, and receive discounts on other online courses, workshops, and on site retreats.
  • Text reminders sprinkled throughout the month to offer you encouragement, thoughtful reflection, laughter, and sweet reminders that you are connected to a community that loves and supports you just as you are, while encouraging your spiritual growth, and the (re)wilding of your heart
  • Music playlists for each theme or topic of the month which are curated by and for this intentional community to inspire you to move, sing, dance, and step fully into your creative expression
  • Focused attention as this opportunity is open only to a small group. I am being very intentional in allowing only a very small group of women to participate in this experience so that I can assure each member receives my devoted time, space, and attention. This experience is like having a personal coach, mentor, and spiritual advisor on retainer. I am fully devoted to supporting this tight, close, circle of women. You have my attention, you have my heart.
  • A personalized Welcome Package in the mail full of sweet surprises! That's all you get to know for now, but you'll learn quickly that I love sending out surprises to my beloved circle of Wild Hearts! <wink>

What is it worth to you...

To release the need to censor your words and questions out of fear of judgement

And embrace a safe and sacred space to explore your own unique spiritual path?

  • To release the feeling of being overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and distractions found online,

And embrace a variety of paths to learning, with clarity and simplicity?

  • To release the business of research, shopping, and errands to gather supplies,

And embrace being cared for by a heart-centered facilitator who knows your desires and understands your struggles

To release yourself from the crowded space of the many roles you play in the lives of others, 

And embrace the simple, pure space of sacred ritual, connecting you to your soul

To release your feelings of longing for community and deep, soul connections,

And embrace the feeling of belonging to a community of women you can share your heart with?

Would you like to get a sneak peak at some of the items in this month's box?

This video offers you an idea of what you can expect...

I get it. I get you.

There was a time when I felt so disconnected from what was truly important to me. I struggled to find the rhythm of my soul. I desired a deeper connection to Nature and Her cycles. I wanted to experience a more meaningful connection to my Self and those I loved. These longings are not uncommon among women trying to maintain a soulful connection to who they truly are amidst all the trappings of our modern culture.

If this resonates with you, I want you to know that I understand your challenges and have discovered a path through them that actually simplifies your already full life. Your intentions to grow personally and spiritually are so pure and good. I want to see you receive with ease the intentions and desires you have for greater connection. I would love to support you in discovering this connection.

Please allow me to take care of all the planning and prep work and synthesizing of the overwhelming amount of information into easily digestible content for you, so you can relax and spend more time with what's most important to you AND experience true, deep personal and spiritual growth.

Your investment in yourself, to join this circle of Wild Hearted Women, and receive all of the abundance above is only $229  a month . Choose to commit to investing in your Self for a single year, and that single investment becomes just $157 /month paid annually. For a fraction of what it costs for a month of private coaching, you receiving that same level of support and guidance plus personalized support, beautifully wrapped ritual kits, resources to connect you to your right true spiritual path, and lots of surprises along the way!

I am fully committed to honoring your path and supporting your journey on it. Are you? Can you commit to honoring your journey for a single year? Will 2018 be the year of your fully

embodied awakening to your own divine, inherent wisdom?

You can choose to answer this call "one day..."

or you can choose to make today

Day One!

Join today & Pay Nothing until the 15th of the month. 

You will still be welcomed into circle the very moment you say Yes to this invitation!

You'll immediately experience all the benefits & abundance mentioned above.

Membership is paid on the 15th of the month to provide ample time for the next month's Ritual Kit & Gift box to be curated especially for you and shipped directly to your door!

How do I know this is right for me?

If what you've seen and heard so far has resonated with you in some way, it's worth exploring to determine if this experience is right for you. At this point, you may be fully on board, ready to commit, and excited to begin this journey. Or perhaps you feel called to join us, while also hearing the voice of limiting beliefs challenging that calling. For the sake of your spiritual growth, and the contribution you'll make to this circle, I invite you to review the following list of expectations with honesty:

  • A true commitment to the process. You agree to show up & listen to the call of your wild heart
  • A willingness to open yourself up to vulnerability, and to stretch yourself to try new things
  • A pledge to keep an open heart & mind, and to listen to your intuition
  • A genuine desire to experience a deeper connection to self & others
  • An agreement to approach the sacred with a sense of playfulness & curiosity
  • A vow to no longer betray yourself for the sake of others comfort

It's important that you know and believe that I too am committed to supporting you individually, and the community as a whole. I promise to bring the following into our relationship:

  • An unwavering commitment to holding safe and sacred space for you to explore and connect with your own wild heart
  • My own soulful authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability so that we may connect and work from a meaningful place
  • An abiding and unconditional love for all that you are, all that you have in you, and all the dreams and aspirations of who you want to become
  • An understanding ear, a compassionate heart, and empowering & encouraging words to keep you in touch with your authentic voice & Wild heart

You can choose to answer this call "one day..."

or you can choose to make today

Day One!

Join today & Pay Nothing until the 15th of the month. 

You will still be welcomed into circle the very moment you say Yes to this invitation!

You'll immediately experience all the benefits & abundance mentioned above.

Membership is paid on the 15th of the month to provide ample time for the next month's Ritual Kit & Gift box to be curated especially for you and shipped directly to your door!

How do I know this isn't right for me?

  • You aren't willing to look at, or take ownership of your worth
  • You plan on hiding in the group, notshowing up for events & calls, and only watching replays
  • You are waiting on fearlessness and aren't willing to "do it scared"
  • You see this as a gimmick or simple solution to change, rather than a new opportunity, a new way of being, and a new way of showing up in the world