Full Moon Meditation in the Presence of Horse

The Experience…

Watching the moon rise above the tree line as the horses, goats, and even ducks nestled in around us, was incredible. Sharing that moment with friends, and this herd, and their remarkable gift of moving stuck energy was beyond words.  This evening together created beautiful connections. Those to ourselves and our own inner knowing. And those to each other through experiencing this together. In checking in with everyone the following day, I was delighted to hear that we were each experiencing so much ease, and flow, and lightness.

It was the final full moon of 2017. An especially powerful time to come together and release all that we no longer wish to carry with us into the new year. A ceremony of releasing and cleansing filled the air with the scent of sage and fire. The crisp December air filled our lungs with energizing oxygen and our minds with intense clarity. The entire experience filled our hearts with joy.

Wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing, step outside. Regardless of what phase of moon you find yourself standing under, breath in that life-giving air and release a great, big, cosmic, sigh. The horses and I will be here, breathing with you. Always❤

The Debrief…

An equally important part of the experience is being offered the opportunity to share and process all that is coming up for us in the moment. After an extended session of yawning over this participant during our debrief, Rasa exhaled in a loud snortle-puff before laying her head deeply into welcoming arms. Horses yawn as calming cues. It is a sign of stress as well as a release of stress. It is their subtle way of saying “I sense “stress” here and I want you to know it’s safe to let that go”.

It’s her way of moving stuck energy – and from there comes release. And we don’t have to be aware of this to feel it’s effects. Sometimes that release comes to us in a sigh we barely notice taking, or a belly laugh that takes everyone around us into a higher vibration.

Yes this work can be sacred and solemn, and it can also be quite playful, whimsical, and fun while still maintaining that sacred connection.

So if you’re interested in coming out to play with us we’ll be here, out standing in The Field.

Melissa @TheWatershedFarm.com

My name is Melissa Bennett. Whether on site or online, I inspire & support women just like YOU to move through fear and reclaim the lost parts of themselves in order to live a life of confidence, courage, & creative expression. I too have journeyed the path of self-reclamation and continue to do so every day. It is my greatest gift and honor to guide you on your path to the most sacred of all places - your own wild heart. To discover how we can work together to bring you back to your self, connect with me on my site at TheWatershedFarm.com/workwithme

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