{Ritual Recipe} Getting Unstuck

When you are feeling stuck in life, it can feel similar to being stuck in an elevator, waiting room, or stairwell. You are neither here nor there. You were clearly on your way to somewhere, and now you’re stuck in a space that serves no purpose other than to get you somewhere else, and yet you cannot move. These physical spaces are called Liminal Space.

This ritual is designed to mirror your inner and outer landscapes in order to allow you to embody the movement out of liminality and into a place of movement, inspiration, power, and divine connection. Remember hallways, elevators, and stairwells are necessary. There is nothing wrong with being in a liminal space. These are necessary parts of transition and transformation. However we were never meant to live there.

A Ritual for: Getting Unstuck

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All Ritual Recipes are intended to offer you simple suggestions for engaging in the practice of ritual. I encourage you to allow these suggestions, the actual practice, as well as the energy of the moment to inspire you into a space of co-creation with what is, and what wants to be. See also, Guiding Principles of Ritual

Suggested Elements

  • Liminal Space, preferably a space you encounter daily
  • Fan or Breeze
  • Intention
  • Key

Suggested Intention

To connect with your own inherent power to unlock limitless possibilities and receive the unending support of Source energy to move through blocks.

Suggested Procedure

1. Set the physical space: Within a doorway, hallway, or outdoor path you frequently take to get somewhere else, notice the natural breezes or place a fan (on OFF) set to blow from the North is possible as this direction represents the trials one must endure on their way to becoming. Hold the key in your hand.

2. Set the energetic space: Recall your intention. Call in any other energy to support you in this process (angels, god, spirit, source). Bring your attention and awareness into this present moment.

3. Breath the space into your body, drawing your breath down and into your solar plexus (belly). Ground yourself solidly into the floor or Earth. Close your eyes. Notice what it feels like to stand rooted in a liminal space. Take as much time here as you need to feel this space in your body.
This moment represents your current challenge. Where does this stagnant energy settle in your body?

4. Gently open your eyes and notice the invitation to move forward. This could be along the path, down the hall, through the doorway, etc. Notice how your body is responding to this invitation, paying special attention to your solar plexus as this is where your personal power emanates from.
This moment represents the threshold of choosing to co-create a different way of being.

5. Open your hand and look at the key you hold. As you do, speak aloud “I hold the key to unlock the limitless potential and possibilities that lie before me. I am the keeper of my key and I vow to always remain in possession of this power.” Take as much time as you need to feel the power you hold in your hand, in your body.

6. Turn on the fan or notice the natural breezes around you. Close your eyes and feel the breeze upon your skin. As you do, speak aloud “May this wind bring change. May it unsettle the dust and move me to rise up and take action in my life. I’m ready to move forward and the entire Universe is conspiring on my behalf to support me”. Bring all of your awareness to the breeze upon your skin and feel it urging you to move as it sweeps across your body. This wind is part of Source energy and part of you. Connect to this powerful energy of support for your journey forward. Take as much time as you need in connection with this energy.

7. Holding your connection in your body to the key and wind, as well as your intention in your heart. begin to move through and out of this physical space of liminality. Move slowly enough to notice and experience how the energy shifts in your body as you cross this threshold of your space and your experience.

8. Once out of liminal space, notice how you feel in your body. Extend your awareness out into the space around you. Trust that you have embodied the support and energy you need to move forward. Offer gratitude to your Higher Power, to yourself, and to any other energies or beings which may have shown up to support and celebrate this crossing with you.

Incorporating Ritual Into Your Daily Practice

  • The use of familiar liminal space is suggested so that you may be reminded of your abilities and available resources to move through blocks each time you move through this space.
    • You may also choose to hang something in this space to remind you of your goal, intention, or determination
  • The key used in this ritual can be kept on your alter or somewhere special. It can be worn as a necklace to keep near your heartspace for daily reminders
    • Holding or rubbing your key at times you feel powerless against obstacles can help connect you to the energy you created in your ritual space in a very powerful way.
  • Every time you use a key throughout the day, imagine you are unlocking a new solution, a new realm of possibilities, or a higher level of potential for yourself.
  • Anytime you feel wind sweeping across your face, let that me a reminder that you are always supported by Source through transitions and changes. Feel that energy as winds of change urging you on to the greatness that awaits you.

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